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My name is Donna and I am a mother of three amazingly loud and wild boys. My son Bryland was born in September 2007. My son Jackson was born 14 months later in November 2008. And my youngest was born in January 2011. I’ve been married to most amazing and Godly man, Jeremy, since August 2004. Since I became a mom, I was blessed to stay home for 2 years and returned to teaching half-time Kindergarten but it was very challenging for our family, so I am home again. :) I absolutely love my family and my Jesus!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hey, hey everyone! So it's been awhile and this will be my third and hopefully final attempt to keep this blog going. I mentioned to Jeremy that this next year I would really like to blog consistently and also to give out handmade/homemade gifts for everyone's birthdays or holidays. We will see what I accomplish, especially with new baby arriving in February.

Yes, we are expecting our third baby and it's been quite a challenging pregnancy throughout. My first trimester, I was feeling horrible and was actually on medication (Zofran...I believe) and about half way through my second trimester I was feeling better. Then contractions started at like week 23. Well, they came back at like week 25 and were about 3-4 minutes apart. The shot they gave me didn't slow it down too much so I was prescribed medication that almost made me pass out.

I remember turning to Bryland, my 3 year old son, and said "Bryland, if mommy doesn't wake up, call daddy." He said "ok" and turned to watch his new movie. Then he said, "but where is your phone?" I knew I was in good hands! He is a bright boy but that made me cry so I toughed it out and walked over to my neighbors house and she immediately knew I needed help. She took the boys to her house, called Jeremy and had him come home immediately and stayed close by as my heart was racing from my medication. Luckily, I came back to after an hour and a half! And my neighbor being as amazing as she is, did all my dishes and brought over dinner for us. We love them so much.
All that to say, I've been sitting around alot doing nothing and going crazy. So I've been trying to craft when I can because I'm still sitting and I really love to craft. I started to sew and was able to make my sister's each a hooded scarf for their trip to London. But the boys want to get into all the pins, scissors, thread, etc. so I was only able to sew when they're asleep. Then I finally figured out that I should start crocheting again and this has worked out well because the only thing the boys will get into are the crochet hooks. So far, these are some of the things I have made and going to give out as gifts for 2011.