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My name is Donna and I am a mother of three amazingly loud and wild boys. My son Bryland was born in September 2007. My son Jackson was born 14 months later in November 2008. And my youngest was born in January 2011. I’ve been married to most amazing and Godly man, Jeremy, since August 2004. Since I became a mom, I was blessed to stay home for 2 years and returned to teaching half-time Kindergarten but it was very challenging for our family, so I am home again. :) I absolutely love my family and my Jesus!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Original Goodbyn has arrived!!!

On Friday, we received two of the Original Goodbyn Bento Lunch boxes I ordered.  I had to contact Goodbyn to find out where I could still order these from since they'll have their new designs out in 2013.

Goodbyn suggested Raspberry Kids and Fenigo.  I ended up ordering two from Kid's Land since they had the Red Orange , which is Jackson's favorite color.  I also ordered the blue one since Graydon doesn't know what his favorite color is yet.  The other 3 that belongs to Bryland, Jeremy and myself are still on their way from CANADA!!! just arrived on Monday from Fenigo.  I'll post pictures later.

When Jackson woke from his late nap, he wasn't very chipper and you can see by the pictures how whiny he was then how happy he was by the end.  :)
Uh, stop taking pictures of me!
Hmmm...where are the stickers?
There they are.  :)
I get to use ALL of these?
Okay, if you let me open presents when I wake from every nap, I'll be happy.

I ran the lunch boxes through the dishwasher and had Jackson decorate his and Bryland decorated Graydon's since at the time his hadn't arrived.  

Here are the stickers that came with each of the Goodbyn Lunch Boxes.  (Sorry they curled up on the bottom.)

We started putting their names on the water bottles first.  The cap screws on and I decided to have them put their stickers on the side where the "loop" was so their names would be exposed and they could use that part to pull out the drinks.

I put my phone next to it for size comparison.
Bryland putting Graydon's name on the water bottle.
He was so excited to find the perfect letters for his name.
As you can see, we didn't put the stickers on the side of the "loop" here but it's ok.  (I'll fix it later.)
My sweet boy.  His eyes always sparkles.
What a great big brother!!!

Then they decorated the outside of the Goodbyn Lunch Boxes and it was so much fun.  Of course the teacher inside of me went over the "plan" of where to place the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. and then I let them go at it.  I did have to help make sure that there were no air bubbles and they turned out so great!

I love how they got to personalize it.  It was so cute to listen to why they chose each sticker.  Hehehehe, I love my kids.  

The outside of Jackson's work.
The inside with the water bottle showing.
The outside of Graydon's that Bryland worked so hard on.
And the inside.
I was very bummed that we didn't get all 5 of our Goodbyn boxes in time for our Church trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  I packed these two for the older boys.  Doesn't it look great?  

Trader Joe's Sour Cream Popcorn, Target Cheese Balls, Trader Joe's Petite Cocoa Batons (the tiny dessert spot next to water bottle), ice water (to help keep lunches cold), green snap peas, ham sandwich, string cheese and red seedless grapes.
And this box on top is what I packed for Jeremy.  I bought this I believe in the Dollar section at Target a couple years ago.  

Can you see Jackson's impatient hand?
Snap peas, red seedless grapes, ham sandwich and string cheese that he didn't like.
Hope you enjoyed this post!  Let me know how I'm doing so I can become a better blogger and obviously photographer.  I'll post pictures of all 5 of our Goodbyn Lunch Boxes soon and how to mold hard boiled eggs.  :)  Have a blessed week.

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  1. Great post. The picture are wonderful. They have a way of keeping me interested (even though I don't have kids or these creative lunches). Keep up the great work!