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My name is Donna and I am a mother of three amazingly loud and wild boys. My son Bryland was born in September 2007. My son Jackson was born 14 months later in November 2008. And my youngest was born in January 2011. I’ve been married to most amazing and Godly man, Jeremy, since August 2004. Since I became a mom, I was blessed to stay home for 2 years and returned to teaching half-time Kindergarten but it was very challenging for our family, so I am home again. :) I absolutely love my family and my Jesus!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our 2010 Ornaments

I never understood why so many people had Christmas trees that never matched and why people bought random ornaments all the time. The first year Jeremy and I got married, people even gave us ornaments for our wedding gift and I was like "what kinda gift is this?" Luckily, I saved these and still have it on our tree today. Our first Christmas we had so much fun because we got to go out and buy everything for Christmas. I had no idea how I wanted our house to be decorated, except for it to GLOW! Whatever that means! We went from one store to another on Black Friday and I enjoyed it so much because I LOVE shopping!

Well, once we had Bryland I understood random ornaments. People gifted ornaments to us when we had Bryland and I just kept them off the tree until I had Jackson. I realized that I wanted them to have something special every year. Well, last year we spent more than enough money on ornaments for each of us. Jeremy is a "saver" so he wasn't pleased with the amount I spent, so this year he told me that I couldn't spend as much. I started looking around and didn't like anything I saw and nothing that really matched each of our personality or the year we had....so I decided to make my own.

I started looking around to see what I could make and was quite happy with how much we spent and ended up with. So here is what I did to make our ornaments.

I went to Craft Warehouse and bought a couple things I needed. These glass ornaments were on sale below and had exactly the amount we needed.

I had several of these Sharpie Paint Markers but needed a couple more colors so I used my 50% coupon at Michael's and got a set with colors that I needed to trace on the logos that I wanted. I printed off the symbols I wanted for each of us and simply traced it on. It was so easy because the ornaments were clear. You'll want to be careful using these because they come off very easily. If you mess up, just spray some Windex on it and wipe it off. Color in as much as you need.

Finally, the fun part. I wanted to use Mod Podge but I wasn't sure if that was the best adhesive for the ornaments, so I bought the one pictured below. Pour a good amount inside the ornament and turn the ornament so the adhesive covered the entire inside of it and pour out remainder. Then pour a bunch of Martha Stewart glitter (not pictured) inside and shake until completely covered. I had to use a ton so make sure you have enough. Let it dry overnight.

Then I had to spray and adhesive on the outside of the ornament to seal the Sharpie Paint Marker so it wouldn't scratch off. I can't remember what it's called but I got it at Craft Warehouse. I couldn't spray it because it was extremely dangerous for my pregnancy and even for those who want to get pregnant.

This is how they turned out and we were quite pleased. I'm hoping that when I open up my Christmas decorations next year, they'll still look like this. :)

This is the Superman one and Jeremy traced on the symbol and it looks amazing! I think he had a lot of fun making it.

This is Bryland's because he had a Spiderman party and also dressed up as Spiderman for Halloween. I didn't do a very good job but no one could really tell (but now you can).

This is mine because we are Cougar fans! Jeremy and I met in college and fell madly in love.

This is Jackson's ornament. Since we were doing a suphereo theme for the guys in the house, this is one of the superheros he knows and it matched the pillowcase I made him inside his stocking.
Then I simply wrote the year and our name on the back so we wouldn't forget and I'm sure we'll eventually end up with a plethora of random ornaments from now on. :) Please feel free to contact me if you need help.

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